RCC Cooling Tower

Manufactured In Induced Draft CrossFlow and Counter Flow Design Cooling Towers

At Cooltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. RCC Cooling Towers are available in 92 models under single cell configuration. Multi-cell configurations are provided to offer flexibility of operations and also to meet increased cooling requirements. We offer different classes, such as Class 9R (16 models), Class 10R (16 models), Class 15R (16 models), Class 18R (8 models), Class 500R (12 models), Class 900 (12 models), and Class 400R (12 models).

Our RCC Cooling Towers are made of reinforced cement concrete, ensuring their sturdiness and resilience in harsh industrial environments. They are designed and constructed with precision to meet specific customer requirements, ensuring reliability and durability. Detailed civil drawings are submitted by us which enables our customer to construct the civil part of the cooling tower through their local civil contractor, but under our guidance.

Choose Cooltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. for your industrial cooling needs, and rest assured that you will receive high-quality and reliable RCC Cooling Towers that meet your specific requirements. Contact us now for RCC Cooling Tower Quotation.

RCC Cooling Tower
RCC Cooling Tower

Salient items giving materials of construction for RCC Cooling Towers

Structure RCC
Fill Treated wood / PVC
Fill Support GRP grids / SS. grids
Drift eliminator Treated wood 2 pass / PVC.
Drift eliminator support Marine plywood /PP
Nozzle Polypropylene (PP).
Hardwares HDG.MS. / SS.
Fan assembly Cast aluminum alloy / GRP bladed
Fan cylinder RCC / PCC/FRP
Gearbox Worm / Spiral bevel
Drive shaft Floating HDG.MS.
Louvers RCC / PCC
Electric motor To suit country specific
Cold water basin RCC

RCC Cooling tower -

RCC Cooling Towers are a type of industrial cooling tower made of reinforced concrete. They use water as a cooling medium to remove heat from various industrial processes.

The benefits of RCC Cooling Towers include their durability, long lifespan, and ability to handle high temperatures and corrosive environments. They are also resistant to wind and seismic activity, making them a reliable choice for many industrial applications.

To maintain RCC Cooling Towers, regular inspections and cleaning are essential. This includes checking for any signs of corrosion or damage, cleaning the tower fill and drift eliminators, and ensuring that the water distribution system is working properly.

We at Cooltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. are a leading manufacturer and supplier of RCC Cooling Towers in India. Our Technicians offer customized solutions for various industrial applications with excellent after-sales support. Our products are of high quality and come with a warranty, making them a reliable choice for your cooling tower needs.

We also provide Wooden and FRP Cooling Towers

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